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EMR, EHR, & Billing Integration

Clinicians need all of a patient’s information. EMRs and EHRs do well managing patient data that originates within its own system. However, managing patient data that originates outside of it can be tough. Emergent Connect realized this problem and has designed and built our solutions with integration between these systems in mind.

Integration Made Simple

No matter how or where patient information originates, it must be easy for clinicians and staff to get the information they need when, where, and how they need it. With integration between Emergent Connect’s systems and your system of record, it offers easy and immediate access to the information that your clinicians and staff need now and in the context, they need it.

Bi-Directional HL7

Bi-Directional HL7

Our system provides fully automatic bi-directional electronic data exchange between medical practices to improve workflow, productivity, and quality of care.

Cost Advantages

Cost Advantages

Keep the benefits of existing legacy systems without major investment in new technologies, lowering costs and extending the life and efficiencies of current systems.

Increased Adoption

Increased Adoption

Increase user adoption of your existing system improving its usefulness without clinicians navigating through multiple applications to find patient information.

All of our solutions are provided in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.  This decreases the total costs of ownership of your radiology solutions by removing concerns around upfront software license fees, annual maintenance contracts, expensive hardware, and IT support costs.

Easy Data Access

Enable clinicians to make decisions with all patient data, images, and reports

Improve Care Coordination

Enables outreach and strengthens physician relationship for quality of care and clinician efficiency with all patient records

Productivity Gains

Reduce clinicians having to go to a paper chart for patient data

Increase Efficiencies

Optimize clinician productivity, patient care, and financial performance by linking you clinical data and current IT solutions

Increase Revenues

Drive additional revenue and return visits from referring physicians

Raise The Level Of Service

Always looking to increase return visits, allowing access anywhere, anytime for referring physicians will grow revenues

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