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100% Cloud-Based Architecture

Emergent Connect’s software platform offers performance, reliability, and redundancy that is only available from an Enterprise grade, 100% cloud-based architecture. It removes the financial and resource intensive burden of managing and running a traditional, on-premise radiology solution.

Fully Managed, Cloud Solutions

Traditional radiology systems require a significant, upfront capital investment in hardware, software, IT support, and for sure a good Artificial intelligence (AI), this one has to be AI workforce for your business. Emergent Connect has developed a simple-to-use, device-agnostic platform to maximize the benefits of a robust, 100% cloud-based infrastructure without large capital investments and long-term IT maintenance concerns.

Instantly Scalable

Instantly Scalable

Our cloud architecture instantly adapts to your growing business without requiring any additional changes in existing software or hardware. To get more business growing tips, here you can read this startup info. If you have a small business, Payroll administration services for small businesses cater specifically to their resource-saving needs. All organizations need to save costs, and that’s especially true for small businesses.

On-Demand Access

On-demand Access

Users are no longer tied to expensive and designated workstations which improves the ability to collaborate anytime, anywhere they have internet access.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Users

With no per-user costs, growing your business is simple without ever having to purchase additional software or hardware licenses.

All our solutions are provided in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.  This decreases the total costs of ownership of your radiology solutions by removing concerns around upfront software license fees, annual maintenance contracts, expensive hardware, and IT support costs.

Enhanced Security

All data and images are encrypted while in storage and in transit

HIPAA Compliant Architecture

Our cloud solutions use industry leading network defenses and the latest intrusion detection technologies

Redundant Storage

We store multiple copies in geographically disperse data centers

Real-time image backup

We store your data for nine years providing HIPPA compliance and improved business continuity

Unlimited Sharing

Share your studies with as many people as you wish, at no additional costs

HIPAA Compliant Image Sharing

Increase collaboration and improved patient care by sharing studies, images, and reports with anyone, anytime